[Ansteorra] Something totally different - Banners

Michael Gunter countgunthar at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 11 13:32:47 PDT 2008

> To clarify, you are looking for a banner that is held
>by one pole and flies in the breeze


> If 20' is the length, what width/height would you want?
> For something that large, I assume you'd want silk heavier
>than the 5mm that is used for the "normal" sized banners, yes?

I leave that up to the experts. If someone has experience
in the larger banners, please give some direction to us
novices. I've done some very basic work on banners but
couldn't begin to give the finer details. That's why I put
it out on the Ansteorra list. I'm sure there are people all over
the kingdom that would love to make a banner for both
themselves and the Kingdom. 

We'd love to see banners for the Kingdom, Regions, Households
and individuals flying at Gulf Wars. 

>  just need to figure out the logistics...

We put it in the hands of you experts.

> Rua

Gunthar and Elizabeth
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