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Thu Sep 11 14:56:31 PDT 2008

Well, I am still pretty new at this silk-painting stuff, so I don't have answers... anyone out there care to make a comment?  Please don't make me guess...  Rua

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>> To clarify, you are looking for a banner that is held
>>by one pole and flies in the breeze
> Yes.
>> If 20' is the length, what width/height would you want?
>> For something that large, I assume you'd want silk heavier
>>than the 5mm that is used for the "normal" sized banners, yes?
> I leave that up to the experts. If someone has experience
> in the larger banners, please give some direction to us
> novices. I've done some very basic work on banners but
> couldn't begin to give the finer details. That's why I put
> it out on the Ansteorra list. I'm sure there are people all over
> the kingdom that would love to make a banner for both
> themselves and the Kingdom.
> We'd love to see banners for the Kingdom, Regions, Households
> and individuals flying at Gulf Wars.
>> just need to figure out the logistics...
> We put it in the hands of you experts.
>> Rua
> Gunthar and Elizabeth
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