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Banners can be beautiful, no doubt about it, and I'm all for displays of heraldry.  I would however strongly encourage people to consider their culture and period in designing personal banners.  Some cultures have particular status requirements for certain types and sizes of banners/pennants/guidons/gonfalons/etc.  Take some time to do a little research - knowledge is always rewarding. :)
Alden (your friendly neighborhood herald) Drake

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After seeing the magnificent display of banners at Pennsic
in camps such as Atenveldt Royal and Strawberry Fields,
we've been inspired to have such for Ansteorra.

Silk Banner painting is really catching on and they add so 
much to an event. 

We would love to see several very large silk banners
created for the Royal Pavillion and the Ansteorra Gate
for Gulf Wars. Something like 20' on a 30' or 40' banner

Would there be any interest in groups making some?

We are also working on having the territorial Barons
and Baronesses walk in the Opening Ceremony procession.
This would just be the B&B's and a standard bearer so
this is another great opportunity for heraldic display.


Gunthar and Elizabeth
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