[Ansteorra] OT:Gas Prices going up thanks to IKE

William Meriic wmeriic at tx.rr.com
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In NY, gas prices are far higher than the federal average, generally 30 - 40
cents higher.  A lot of this is due to tax.  That is why many who live in NY
City drive to NJ for gas where the taxes 27 cents/gallon lower!

Gas taxes According to: http://www.newyorkgasprices.com/tax_info.aspx

Gas tax in CA = 63.9 cents/gallon
Gas tax in NY = 59.6 cents/gallon
Gas tax in TX = 38.4 cents/gallon
Gas tax in NJ = 32.9 cents/gallon

In one state in the north east (I cannot remember which), state law mandated
that every fuel pump have a clear breakout of the costs involved in a gallon
of gas at that station (federal tax, state tax, local tax, and the store's

I remember from somewhere that the gas station's take is generally less than
10 cents/gallon.

The big money is in crude oil and refining!  That is where Exxon for example
makes $11.7 Billion per quarter

To put this in perspective, Citigroup in the 4th quarter of 2007 only lost
$9.8 Billion

Will Meriic

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Would that be profits or profit margin? There is a difference, you know. It 
is my understanding that while the profits may be really big, their profit 
margin is rather small. From what I have been given to understand their 
profit margin is less than 10 cents a gallon, while the govt portion of the 
price of a gallon is far more than that.
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> you know considering that Exxon's profit margin alone last quarter was
> enough to buy every man, woman, and child in there world a happy meal from
> McDonalds I at least want my happy meal. Barring that out here in West
> Texas we have a 10 cent raise currently but it fluxuates every 2 to 3
> hours.
> Ld Faolon

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