[Ansteorra] Knight School back in session

Sir Giotto di Giovanni sirgiotto at gmail.com
Fri Sep 12 14:30:49 PDT 2008

Summer break is over and tourney season has begun.  It's time for
Knight School to start classes once more.

There will be two opportunities to attend a Knight School training
class in the near future.  Please keep reading.

Tuesday, October 14th, we will be holding our regular Bryn Gwlad
Knight School at our fighter practice location at Patterson Park in
Austin http://bryn-gwlad.ansteorra.org/whereweare.php .  Everyone is
welcome to attend.

Sunday, November 2nd, as part of Bryn Gwlad's Baronial event
http://coblaith.net/fallevent2008/ there will be a special session of
Knight School from 10 a.m. until Noon.  Please come out and enjoy the
event on the most beautiful event site in Ansteorra and stick around a
little later on Sunday to benefit from this training format that has
proved both popular and effective.  If you plan on attending this
special session, try to let me know in advance by dropping me a note
at sirgiotto at gmail.com.

Members of the Chivalry, please let me know if you will be able to
attend and if you will be teaching.  sirgiotto at gmail.com

Yours in service,

Sir Giotto

Knight School

Ever wish you had a chance to fight every knight at an event?  If you
got that chance, wouldn't it be great to get at least one bit of
feedback from each of them that you could use and work on?  Wouldn't
it be even better if it were written down so you could remember it?

Welcome to Knight School!  A practice format introduced by the Barony
of Bryn Gwlad that is helping fighters noticeably improve their

Here's how it works:

Every student will be given an notebook if they did not bring their
own.  All of the faculty knights will take the field.  Students will
be distributed in short lines for each of the knights.  The student at
the front of each line will do evaluative fighting with the knight for
two minutes.  Then for two minutes the knight will concisely give
constructive observation and advise.  The knight's page will take
notes.  The student will then go to the end of the line for the next
knight in the rotation.  Progress through the rotation until all the
students have faces all the knights or until time runs out.  Short
breaks will be given for water.

Knights and MOA's who wish to teach - All members of the Chivalry who
wish to teach are welcome.  Even if you can't armor up, your opinions
are valuable.  Please bring along someone to page for you.  They just
need to be able to write and move out of the way.  Be prepared to face
30+ students in two hours time.  You'll quickly pick up the format and
be able to take it back to your practice.  This showing to be a proven
method for improving students and keeping up interest and retention.

We are knights. We are professional killers constrained by a code of
conduct that turns murder into both art and service. -- Duke Cuán
MacDaige (Atlantia)

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