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> Actually Chiang is right.  The profit on gas is much lower than anyone 
> thinks it is.  You have to remember we are not the only ones paying taxes 
> on the gas.  The oil companies pay taxes to be allowed to refine the oil 
> into gas.  By the time they are done paying that their profit is almost 
> gone.
> Maria

Can I roll to disbelieve? ;)

I know the local stations make an average of 5 cents a gallon BEFORE 
deducting credit cards (which charge 1.5 up to 5 percent. And their prices 
are set by the local supplier.

My 2 pfennigs worth.

THL Edrei the Quiet
(mka David Backlin)
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The refiner buys the crude oil from the owner (Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, etc.  What, you thought the oil companies owned the oil?) at a price set by market demand.
They pay to have it transported to the refinery, pay to have it refined, pay to store it, pay to modify it as required by the government, pay to ship it to the retailer, pay for insurance at every step, pay salaries, benefits and taxes.
They add up all those expenses, and add a tiny profit margin, less than 1%.

The retailer pays that cost, adds federal and local sales taxes, adds operating costs, and hopes to make 5 cents per gallon profit.

David Gallowglass

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