[Ansteorra] IKE

Harry Bilings humble_archer at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 13 06:16:29 PDT 2008

Make that heavey rain,
> From: humble_archer at hotmail.com> To: ansteorra at lists.ansteorra.org> Date: Sat, 13 Sep 2008 08:11:40 -0500> Subject: Re: [Ansteorra] IKE> > > In Shadowlands the weather is going the wrong way. More wind and rain, but it is light so you can see what hit you if you arelooking the right direction. Coulter field has winds in the mid 20's with gust to 46 and reporting heavy rain. So far all I have is small branches down mostly leaves and such. With what I would call light to modreat rain. Have lost the dish though so it is raining hard some where south of me.> plachoya 
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