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Hey all I am from east ansteorra. we are without power . there is a lot of flooding  many trees are down . i lost my fince,play ground,a window, trampaline, and there is some other damage.. . i got out with my kids and animals.. not much else.. they wont let anyone back in till at least tues. i dont know how long we will be without power .. they are telling us any where from a few day to 3 weeks.. my family is still there.. please pry for them .. they would not leave with me...  hope this helps..
aka lisa mcgee...pearland tx.

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I spoke to Jacinth de Warwick a couple hours ago, and she told me that most
of the Medical Center is still on.  Not back-up generators, but the real
thing.  I guess they're a high priority, and that is understandable.  I've
heard reports that people in Houston might be without power for up to 18
days.  I'm hoping that that is an outside estimate, that it should take no
more than 18 days to get everybody going.....and not that it won't happen
for at least 18 days!

Night before last I did something really idiotic.  I went to get enough food
to last the weekend, since we still didn't know where this storm was going
to head once it made landfall.

So I picked up some ground meat, some chicken, and some frozen veggies.

THEN, on my way home, I began to think "what if our power goes out?"


Fortunately, that didn't happen.  Except for an occasional strong gust of
wind and a little rain, we've hardly had any weather at all up here in
Temple.  That means rescue and relief works will not be needed as much up
here, and they can focus their energies on East Texas where they are
needed.  (I had typed "East Ansteorra" at first, but that just looks too

I've only been able to catch up with people in the affected area by cell
phone, and very few at that.  It'll be a while before we see most of them
online.  My mother told me that Ike was still a Category One hurricane as
far north as Crockett!  And they just live across the Trinity River from
Crockett!  Makes me shudder to think of a hurricane up there, with all those
trees and all.  That, and my Uncle Bert's back yard must now be scattered
over several acres (he keeps old cars back there for parts).

I'm hoping that the people of Raven's Fort can go out to the Stones and
assess the damage soon, and that they will be able to continue with their
plans for Defender.  I've been looking forward to that event all year, and
I'd hate to see a little hurricane derail those plans.

Stay dry and (relatively) sane, everybody!

Detlef von Marburg

On Sat, Sep 13, 2008 at 5:16 PM, D Barr <dab32 at cwru.edu> wrote:

> "> More information.  Unfortunately, it is bad.  Houston is totally without
> > electric except for the Medical Center."
> I don't know about the rest of the city, but there are confirmed points
> that
> do have power.  A couple of buildings in Greenway Plaza have had power,
> water, and internet all weekend.  The A/C has been sketchy, but it's back
> on
> now.  I'm told that there is an apartment complex at Edloe & Richmond that
> has power, and a cajun restaurant on the west side of 610 (probably near
> 59)
> that also have power.  Half of the Camden Greenway apartments also have
> power.  I'm told that we're on a power transformer just across 59, so I
> guess that one didn't blow - perhaps being less than 2 years old helped?
> Maybe?  (This is all in the western half of inside the 610 loop, for those
> not familiar with the area.)
> I'm camped out with my husband and our two cats at his office, along with
> about 25 people, 4 other cats, a hamster and a small dog.  Except for those
> lucky apartment complexes, everyone else is reporting no power, but no or
> very little damage.  There are tons of trees and power lines down
> everywhere
> that any of us has been today (checking on our homes), and a lot of the
> all-glass buildings around us have lost windows, but overall, nothing
> major.  Someone likened it to "someone came along and ruffled Houston's
> hair."  It seems like a pretty apt description. :)
> Hope everyone else is doing well. :)
> --Debbie (& Bill)
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