[Ansteorra] pelican circle?

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To answer your question generally for anyone interested who doesn't know... 
there isn't anything protocol related that happens in these situations. 
Circles of all kinds are called by TRM during their reign and the scheduling 
of them takes into consideration a number of factors such as event 
appropriateness, how early or late in the reign they take place, geographic 
location, potential candidates in particular, and a number of other factors. 
Because of this, the cancellation of an event that has a circle planned 
doesn't constitute any kind of "automatic" push of the circle to the next 
available event, but, at the discression of TRM, certianly MAY.

I have no knowlege of what TRM will do in this particular case, but I'd 
guess they would wait until after the even has actually been cancelled 
before making a decision and publishing it.

Kind Regards,

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> If Defender of the Fort is cancelled, does that bump the Pelican circle to 
> Elfsea Defender?

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