[Ansteorra] Ursae-Lyons Persona Triathlon

Alexandria Doyle garbaholic at gmail.com
Mon Sep 15 15:59:48 PDT 2008


a few questions regarding the Ursae-Lyons Persona Triathlon Arts and
Science competion  have come up and I would share the answers with all

1. The arts displayed must be related to a single persona, this does
not have to be YOUR persona, just a single person, for example, while
your persona is a 15th c. noble French lady, you may enter scribal
arts, tools and food that are appropirate to a 12th c. monk from

2.  Three items are required from any of three categories, though each
category may only be used once in your grouping.  The sub-categories
listed are only a reference to help you place your item in the major
categories, since some items could fall under more than one category.
This means to enter your embroidered pouch it could be Costume Arts
(costume accessory), it could be Fiber Arts (embroidery) or it could
be visual arts(heraldic display), but it can't be entered for all
three categories.  However, your entry could be three pouches that fit
into the different categories.

There is more information available on the website:


Please let me know if you have further questions
HL Alexandria Doyle
Barony of Bjornsborg
"I'm buying this fabric/book now in case I have an emergency...you
know, having to suddenly make presents for everyone, sickness,flood,
injury, mosquito infestations, not enough silk in the house, it's
Friday..." ;)

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