[Ansteorra] [Steppes] [Elfsea] NEAT Viking stuff!!!

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 18 15:48:07 PDT 2008

Ly Gabriele said,  
> Sorry after watching Antique Roadshow for years, I have to
> say that the 25 years designation as 'antique' is
> appropriate only for cars. Jewelry etc. needs to be over 100
> years for that designation to be true. That doesn't mean
> that an item isn't valuable, it just isn't 'antique'. 
> Ly Gabriele

Agreed. My understanding is that anything 100 years or over is an antique. 
Anything younger is considered a collectible. 
(You are correct about the cars, 25 yrs is an antique auto.) 
Cheers, Hillary 

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