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Fri Sep 19 10:59:58 PDT 2008

Greetings from the Autocrat of Defender of the Fort,

I have been posting about the cancellation of the Defender of the Fort event, but apparently my post have not been making the list.  I have been receiving copies in my in box, but when I went to the archives there was nothing from me.  My apologies, I certainly did not mean to leave everyone in the dark. I will copy below the important post that I have made since the hurricane.

In service to the Barony and the Kingdom,
Vlod NotVlad

>From the Autocrat of Defender of the Fort :

After much talk and hand wringing the powers that be have decided to 
postpone this weekend's Defender of the Fort, Raven's Fort event.  We are 
very sorry, but it was determined that it will be much too hard to pull 
together with out power in the area.  We are trying to find another date on 
the Kingdom calendar to reschedule.  We will be posting to keep everyone 

It will be a beautiful weekend with cool nights so we are planning to gather 
at The Stones for a pity camping party and site clean up.  If you have a 
chainsaw please bring it.  There will be no feast and no port-a-cans.  There 
will, however, be thirty peach cobblers that have thawed and must be 
disposed of.  Of course the best way to dispose of cobbler is to eat it.  If 
you plan to attend this weekend, you must be a self sufficient camper.

We are very disappointed to bring you this postponement.  We were certainly 
looking forward to sharing the good times with our Ansteorrian friends.  If 
you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Autocrat.

In service to the Barony and the Kingdom,
Vlod NotVlad

>From the Autocrat of Defender of the Fort :

The event WAS officially canceled with my posting several days ago.  We have 
been in touch with the Crown's liaisons so they have been notified through 

Raven's Fort is very disappointed that we will not have the honor of hosting 
your Circle and the Crown and The Royal Huntsman.  This is the second event 
in a row that has been weathered out for us so this is a quadruple 
disappoint locally.

I will be heading up to The Stones later today to be on site incase some did 
not get the announcement and show up thinking that there is still an event. 
Some of us will be camping through Saturday as kind of a pity party.  There 
will be no site fee, no feast, no water and no port-a-cans.  Anyone joining 
us should plan on being a completely self sufficient camper.  The only thing 
that we can offer this weekend is friendship, a place to camp and lots and 
lots of event cobbler that the storm thawed.

I hope that all are recovering and putting their lives back in order.  My 
thoughts and prayers are with you.

In peaceful service to the Barony and the Kingdom,
Vlod NotVlad

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