[Ansteorra] [Steppes] [Elfsea] NEAT Viking stuff!!!

Haraldr Bassi ansteorra at haraldr.drakkar.org
Fri Sep 19 08:20:52 PDT 2008

I agree... However that said, I have seen many many eBay items that claimed to be antiques and 
were made last week or in the past 40 years. As these were eBay items that were being looked at, 
I gave my impression based on several years of looking at different images of viking age 
artifacts. It didn't match anything I've ever seen before.

Haraldr Bassi

Hillary Greenslade wrote:
> Ly Gabriele said,  
>> Sorry after watching Antique Roadshow for years, I have to
>> say that the 25 years designation as 'antique' is
>> appropriate only for cars. Jewelry etc. needs to be over 100
>> years for that designation to be true. That doesn't mean
>> that an item isn't valuable, it just isn't 'antique'. 
>> Ly Gabriele
> Agreed. My understanding is that anything 100 years or over is an antique. 
> Anything younger is considered a collectible. 
> (You are correct about the cars, 25 yrs is an antique auto.) 
> Cheers, Hillary 

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