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more sad news.

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Sir Morguhn was 3 times King of the East, twice Prince of Aethelmearc, &
(after we became a Kingdom) twice King.  He was my close friend for over 25
years.  I'm certain many of you knew him.  He will be greatly missed.

FRIDRIKR, Aethelmearc Kingdom Representative

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> Forwarded from Dicea, Message from Meirwen:
> "At 8:58 PM, EDT, September 23, 2008 Duke Morguhn Sheridan finished his
> last act of service, having given all he could to the world, down to the
> marrow of his bones.
> There will be a calling hours, followed by memorial service on Saturday,
> September 27, 2008 at Dimbleby Friedel Williams and Edmunds, 365 W. Main
> St., West Winfield, NY. Calling hours will be from 1-4:45. At 4:45 his
> Masonic brothers will hold a memorial service, followed by a short religious
> service, Baron Boris Dragonsbane officiant (mka Rev. Michael Reynolds). The
> Masonic lodge, a 1/2 block from the funeral home, has graciously offered to
> host a pot luck. Food may be left there at any time starting at 1 PM and our
> sisters in Eastern Star will make sure it is taken care of until we can
> gather there.
> A full obituary will be posted tomorrow.
> There will be a SCA-centric gathering at a future date, but we have decided
> nothing at this time except that it will involve a food fight, absinthe, and
> joyful reminiscences of the man."
> If you would like further information or to respond, feel free to email me
> at dicea.deme at gmail dot com. Thank you all for your kind and loving
> thoughts and words. You really are the people he believed you are."
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