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Fri Sep 26 10:32:38 PDT 2008

More info for International Festival.
The site map shows in the top right hand corner. We have a really nice big area. So come out and join us. :)
Just a short walk from the spectator parking area.
If you come in on 2nd street DON'T PARK ON THAT STREET You will be towed away.
Go to 3rd and Ferris Ave.Turn at the 3 hoops that look like a tunnel.

Go straight until you get to the Vendor Parking area, there will be a traffic control person there. Turn into the parking lot and drive around till you get to the other side where there will be another traffic control person. Turn out of the parking lot at that point and follow the arrows. It will take you to our area.Where you can unload you things. TRAILERS ARE ALLOWED you can unload at our sight but then you must move immediately. Follow the arrows back around and that will put back at the parking lot. They have a place to park your trailers and then park your car in the spectator parking area. First come first serve on the parking but none of it is that far of a walk.
Hope to see you there.
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