[Ansteorra] Sable Talons

Cody Chezem bolverk187 at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 1 14:48:20 PDT 2009

I still wish to have those who have recieved a Sable Talon to send me a message to bolverk187 at yahoo.com. I have created a Yahoo group that I would like to send Talon holders an invitation to join. If you would include your SCA name and the date of the award that would be helpfull. I have a list of reciepients and I am checking folks off in an effort to make sure all get an unvite. This is open to all holders of the Sable Talon.
Thanks to all have responded and joined the group.

Please pass this message on to other list, thanks.
Thorvald Egilsson
Squire to Sir Angus 

The problem with today is: They just won't let you load the boys (and girls) up in the boat and sail down the coast to burn someone's damn village down.


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