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Award of the Sable Talon of Ansteorra
A. Establishment of the Award
a. There shall exist in Ansteorra an award which shall be given by the 
Crown unto
such persons who have striven greatly to further their skill levels and 
in any recognized marshallate activity, who have positively influenced 
the skills
and capabilities of others in these fields, and who lead by example when 
on and
off the field of endeavor. This award shall be known as the Award of the 
Talon of Ansteorra, hereinafter referred to as the Award.
b. Holders of the Award shall be entitled to be styled and announced in 
as "Holder of the Sable Talon for [marshallate field]." The Award may be 
given to
an individual more than once, but only once for a particular marshallate 

B. Arms and Precedence
a. The Award shall carry with it, at the pleasure of the Crown, an Award 
of Arms.
Holders of the Award shall take precedence after Holders of the King's 
and Queen's Glove of Ansteorra and before the companions of the various
baronial orders. The Awards of the Sable Thistle, Sable Crane, and Sable 
of Ansteorra are held to be of equal precedence.
b. If the Award is given to a person who is already higher in precedence 
than stated
above, then his or her precedence shall remain unchanged.
c. If the Award is given to a person who does not already hold equal or 
precedence, then his or her precedence shall date from his or her 
acceptance of
the Award.

C. Bestowal of the Award
a. The Award shall be given at the discretion of the Crown.
b. The selection of a holder of the Award shall be announced publicly by 
the Crown
or their representative in open court.

D. Holders of the Award
a. The number of holders of the Award shall not be limited.
b. Holders of the Award shall retain their award despite any change of 

E. Insignia
a. The badge of the Award shall be (Fieldless) An eagle's leg erased, à 
la quise
b. Holders of the Award shall be entitled to wear a medallion or pin 
depicting the
badge of the Award.

F. Supersedence and Inclusion of Award of the Optio of Legio Ansteorrae
a. This award supersedes and replaces the previously closed "Award of 
the Optio of
Legio Ansteorrae" (hereinafter referred to as the Optio) created by edict of
Quintus Aurelius Dracontius and Sibri de Aldebourne in XXXIX (2004).
b. All holders of the Optio prior to its closing are accounted as 
holders of this Award
in the field of chivalric combat with precedence and entries in the roll of
precedence dating to the awarding of their Optio.

G. Creation and Revisions
a. Created by Ulsted the Unsteady and Cateau d'Ardennes, XXXIX (2005).
b. Revised by Aaron MacGregor and Britta MacGregor, August XXXXI (2006).

Michael Kettering
Sable Talon for Combat Archery
----2nd gentle to received this award if memory serves me correctly
Combat Archer
Missile Marshal
Heavy Marshal
King's Archer

Giertrud Gyldenstierne wrote:
> Oh!  That explains a lot!  I have not ever seen a "table salon" though...(or
> sable talon but I'm not in Ansteorra yet!  Someone could probably show me
> one there.)
> YIS,
> Giertrud Gyldenstierne
> (g'yair-trood ghee-yule-den-stee-air-nuh)
> God is my lyght and saluation, whom then shall I feare? God is the strength
> of my life, of whom then shall I be afraide?
> Giertrud, those are little salons filled with nothing but tables. They go
> there for repairs and such. They lounge around on the chairs.
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