[Ansteorra] Pennsic Pity Party

HE Chiang chiang at clearwire.net
Sun Aug 2 22:11:48 PDT 2009

We, in Bonwicke, are hosting a Pennsic Pity Party this weekend. We have a few new comers that have only seen the SCA through our fighter practices and such, so to help them get their feet wet, before Gothic Wars, we are wanting to host a day event. There will be heavy and light tourneys, melees if we get enough fighters, an A&S display, along with some general merrymaking. We wish to invite all who care to attend.
 The site will be Wagner Park, 26th and Flint, in lovely Bonwicke. Should start around 10 am and run until around 5 or we get really tired. We will have crash space for those that need it or you can camp in my back yard, what ever it takes to get you here(with in reason of course).
 Just a reminder also that Gothic is just a few short weeks away too.
HE Chiang
Baron of Bowicke

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