[Ansteorra] Princess Tea This weekend

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The Shire of Emerald Keep will donate the sugar, sugar substitute, lemon wedges, half-n-half

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Greetings Cadets and non-tagged fencers!

The Princess' Tea is this weekend and while we have some volunteers to help
out, we still need a few more. Please see the list below and decide if there
is anything you can help out with and let us know.  Also let us know if you
can be there. We'd love to see you and this princess deserves our love and
support right from the start. Let's make a good show!



teas, tea pot, hot pots. - Claire

another teapot or two -  Grainne via Vyolante

ice water for those that don't want tea - ?

lots of ice if we want to ice the teas - ?

sugars, sugar substitutes, lemon wedges, half-n-half - ?

simple cookies *or *a nice small cake and cake knife - cookies: Christiana

one small fruit tray, no dip needed -  ?

napkins and small plates - Wilhelm

disposable silverware, spoons, maybe forks - Wilhelm

glasses and tea cups or hot and cold disposable cups- ?

flowers and vases: roses and or lillies, she likes lillies. - Rhiannon,

table cloths - Jaquelinne

a musician to play background music and maybe sing her one song -  done

  I also have the scarf and will bring it with me. - Claire

Is there a nice pin to go with it or to replace it with when she steps up? -
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