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Hello everyone
After a classroom debacle we are all good to go with our final schedule for Elfsea College this Saturday at the University of Texas at Arlington. Please reference the website for directions and site information.

If you are teaching, please review the schedule below for any class time changes that I had to make. I tried to work with everyone's preferences. If you are listed at a time that you absolutely cannot teach, please let me know. There are a few open slots listed.

I will be posting a class listing on the door of each of the classrooms, for classes taught in that specific room. I will also have the complete listing posted throughout the area where the classrooms are located, so people may reference it. We want to be good to the environment and save some trees by not giving away individual copies of this list at gate. I apologize for those wanting a printed copy, but I welcome you to print one off before heading to the event.

If you have any questions please let me know.

Elfsea College Class Listing and Schedule
Sabine Room (20 chairs around a long table with windows)
9:00    Court Etiquette: Royal Family (Duchess Juila de Montoya & Countess Elizabeth Seale) - How should one behave in court?  How should one approach the Crown when called into court? Courtly etiquette can be a mystery to many people.  Learn the basics of courtly graces from the people who know it the best, the Royal family.

10:00   No naked Camels (Alianorra MacAiodh) - How to use tassels in Middle Eastern Dance appropriately. Tassels are period. We will discuss their use in culture, and time frame.

11:00   Court 101 (Mistress Druinne de Salesberie) - Ever wondered who all of those people are up behind the thrones?  Why we have court in the first place?  Then this class is for you. Learn the basics of who wears what, who holds what and why the faces behind the thrones seem to keep changing.

12:00   New Fighter 101 Rapier (Don Ingve of York) - This will be a discussion class looking at the philosophies, attitudes and basic principles of fighting.  The objective is to gain a more broad understanding of the art of combat.  The class is targeted to fighters of any style, experience level or even non fighters.  No armor or weapons will be needed for this course.

1:00 to 4:00 Princess Tea
4:00 A&S Judging
5:00 A&S Judging
Pecos Room (12 chairs, long table with podium)
9:00 The First Event Steps (Richard Fairbourne) - Part 1: Finding the right site for your event; Part 2: The ABC steps to creating a bid and submitting a bid.

10:00 How to Run a Demo (Lady Vyolante de Oporto)
11:00 Event Budgets Made Easy (Richard Fairbourne) - Simple steps to creating a budget for any event from local to an event like 30th year the budget is basically the same at any level.

12:00 How to Design & Submit an Event Ad (Baron Kainin Tepesa) - Learn the do's and don'ts of designing an event ad to run in the Kingdom newsletter, along with tips to make your ad stand out from the crowd and insure that you draw as many people as possible.

1:00 SCA 101 (Mistress Druinne de Salesberie) - This class is a basic introduction to the SCA.  It will cover the basic structure our organization, how events run, and have time for a question answer session.

2:00 How to Shop for a Feast (Master Caelin on Andrede) - One of the most expensive things about an event can be the feast.  Yet by knowing How to shop and Where to shop for items a smart feast steward can create multiple course meals for amazingly low prices. Learn tips from a veteran feast steward.

3:00 Autocrating made easy 9Richard Fairbourne) - Follows these simple steps and outlines and your event will be a grand success. Autocrating an event from when you get the bid to the conclusion of the event. Also some special secret tips for all those who attend.

4:00 Advanced Single Rapier (Don Connor Mac Gillivray OGR) - An interactive discussion on advanced principles of fighting with single rapier with a discussion of techniques that can be applied to strengthen these skills. While this class is geared towards advanced rapier fighters (and I'll expect more of you if you consider yourself advanced), it is open to anyone who is interested. No arms or armor are necessary for participation.

5:00 Infighting (Don Connor Mac Gillivray OGR) - This class will cover the basic principles and philosophy of infighting within the context of SCA combat with a focus on safety. The bulk of the class will be with single rapier, but time will be allotted to discuss how the techniques demonstrated can be applied to other SCA rapier combat forms. Specific techniques will be discussed and demonstrated and practical training exercises will be given. While this is primarily a lecture class, participants who wish to engage in demonstrations should come appropriately armed and armored.

Blanco Room (12 chairs, long table with podium)
9:00 Basic Heraldic Design (Devices and Badges) (Amra (al-Sayyid Amr ibn Majid al-Bakri al-Amra)) - Visual heraldry has a language -- this class provides the primer to give anyone the basics for creating their own device and badge within the limits of the language we call blazonry.  This will be a rapid-paced hour, and participants most likely will NOT be able to work on their own designs during the class.

10:00 Submitting and Tracking your Heraldic Submission (Lord Giovanni di Firenze and Tostig Logiosophia) -  A class for SCA newcomers and veterans alike, this class will focus on the types of heraldic submissions available and their significance in the society, as well as resources, vocabulary and tools that will help the submitter follow the progress of their submission through the "black box" known as the College of Heralds.  This class is not intended to help a submitter prepare forms, research or design elements for their submissions, but rather to provide a knowledge base for how the "mysterious" process works and to steer potential clients away from some of the more common pitfalls encountered by others.

11:00 -1:00 Heraldic Decision Meeting
1:00 How to Prepare to compete in Middle Eastern Dance (Alianorra MacAiodh) - We will take into consideration the three topics needed to prepare for competition in Middle Eastern Dance. Music, Costuming, and Dance Style.

2:00 Basic Heraldic Design (Names) (Amra (al-Sayyid Amr ibn Majid al-Bakri al-Amra)) - What's in a Name?  Well, for an SCA persona name that can be choices of language, meanings, structures AND the research to back those choices up. (And THEN there are the whimsical names that, however well-known and used, will never be eligible for registry...)  This session is an overview only, and individuals will NOT be leaving with a submission-ready form -- just an understanding of the process and how to go forward.

3:00 How to do a PDF newsletter (Ealasaid Mac al'Bhaird (al AERYN))
4:00 Calligraphy 101 (Mistress Druinne de Salesberie) -  Bring you pen and your favorite graph paper - this is a hands on class.  There will be makers and some papers available as well.  We will cover the basics of getting used to your pen, pen angles and what are the SCA "standard" reference books.

5:00 - open
Neches Room (12 chairs)
9:00 Bardic 101 (Eleanor Cleavely) - How I learned to stop worrying and love the bardic arts. This class is for the beginning or intermediate bard looking for some tips on how to start or improve in the Bardic Arts. How to prepare for competition, research techniques, etc. Please bring something to write with, handouts will be provided. 16 and up only.

10:00 Voice Heraldry (Eleanor Cleavely) - A beginner's guide to voice/court heraldry. Handouts will be provided. Please bring something to write with. 16 and up only.

11:00 Create your Basic T Tunic (Pyro)
12:00 Dressing up your T-Tunic (Ealasaid Mac al'Bhaird (al AERYN) - Ideas for helping create a T-tunic that looks like something a bit more "upscale".

1:00 to 3:00 Simple Sewing/Making a period style "pilgrim's bag' (Genevieve de Lironcourt ) - Are you new to the SCA and want something simple to make to add to the ambiance of our game? Have you always wanted to try sewing on a machine but don't have a machine or have been too intimidated to try? Come join us for a class that will be hands on. You will be cutting and sewing together your own bags to use at events to carry wallets, phones, glasses, cameras...all those mundane things we need to have handy at events but rarely have a good way to hide. Students will need to bring $3. Fabric for the bags will be provided. The fabric will be enough to make a bag in class and take the pieces home for a second bag. You will also need to bring 2 yards of a trim (should not be mostly 'white' , color is needed here) to embellish the bag. If you don't have access to a trim, I will have a few with to chose from for an extra fee. There will be a signup at troll for this class for the first 6 people who are interested.

4:00 Basic Hat wear (Aurelia Yverneau) - Come and learn about basic hat wear. This will include the Flat hat, arming cap, and the Henrician bonnet or coif for women.   Students will need to bring their own muslin or decorative fabric so we can have the basics of their hat cut out.  Instructor will have her sewing machine available outside of class time to sew the hats together.

5:00 - open
Pedernales Room (12 chairs)
9:00 to 1:00 Identifying Personality Styles (Rixende de Rouen) - In this class, learn what your own personality style is and recognize the personality styles of others that you interact with on a regular basis. You will learn how to get out of your "comfort zone" when dealing with other people whether that person is a Crown, Peer or New Member.

2:00 to 6:00 Having Difficult Conversations (Rixende de Rouen) - This class is designed to help you approach the conversation with the right attitude, settling the science for a successful conversation and outcome. Learn how to create conditions where people speak with complete candor and with complete respect. You will gain skills that encourage spirited dialog and reduce deference and defiance. Begin stepping up to touch issues and sharing opinions, feelings and information safely and freely.

Palo Pinto Room (30 chairs)
9:00 - open
10:00 The Meaning of Peerages (Robin of Gilwell) - Peerages from the Middle Ages (no, medieval peerage didn't include knights) up through the SCA will be discussed, with emphasis on the history of the SCA, how peerages came into existence, the process of creating them, how they function, and how they affect the SCA.  This class will not focus on the current attempt to create a fourth peerage, but will certainly include historical and social background relevant to it.

11:00 Persona (Robin of Gilwell) - There is not just one thing called "persona", and the attempt to define the one true way quickly gets bogged down in inconsistencies.  Instead, we will discuss several different approaches to persona, and how they can (and can't) interact.  We'll present tools for building your persona, staying in persona, getting back into persona, and improving your persona, as well as how to survive dealing with persona types that are inconsistent with your own.

12:00 - Open
1:00 Documentation Roundtable: Laurels (Mistress Hanna von Dahl) - Who? What? Where? Why? and How?  The basics of documentation. Yet, what makes Arts & Science (A&S) documentation?  How should it be written and formatted? What questions need to be answered about the piece?  Learn the answers to these questions and others you might have about writing A&S documentation or research papers. Format is a discussion, not a lecture, so the more questions asked; the better the discussion will be for everyone.

2:00 The history of Ansteorra (Robin of Gilwell) - This will be a very brief description of how Ansteorra became what it is today, starting from the Alamo and the Sooners (really).  Most emphasis will be on the beginnings of our principality and kingdom, why we became different from any other SCA kingdom, and how we continue to be different. There is no way I will cover everything I'd like to cover in one hour, but it should be informative and inspiring, as well as biased and incomplete.

3:00 Titles: What do and don't they mean (Robin of Gilwell) - We will begin with the period use of titles, and then discuss SCA titles as they developed over forty years of use.  Topics will include when to use them, how to use them correctly, what affect they have, legal and cultural effect of title use, official and unofficial titles, differences between kingdoms, and what titles do (and don't) add to a re-enactment group. Ansteorra-specific topics like Dons and Centurions will be emphasized.

3:00    Laurel’s Circle – room to be determined

Your humble Elfsea College Steward
Giliana Launceleyn

Jennifer Dale


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