[Ansteorra] Steppes Artisan/Elfsea Baronial College Thank you's

Elec inghean Sheáin elecmaire at gmail.com
Mon Aug 17 14:45:09 PDT 2009

Greetings to all,

I have a few thank-yous from this past weekend, and please, if I miss you or
miss spell your name, I do apologize in advance.

It was a wonderful event, with an even more wonderful turnout.

My co-Steward Lady Giliana, thank you for helping with a sucessful event,
and Master Richard, thank you for all your help with the site, and my many
questions regarding site.

Lady Lyneya, again gate went very well, and thank you for running gate.  We
had a great turn out. And to the many volunteers who worked gate, thank you
very much.

Duke Gunthar-for the Judges lunch.  I heard nothing but great reviews of the
food, which I knew it would be wonderful.  A million thanks for feeding
everyone, they all came back very happy.

Baroness Alys, to you and your friends for finding us the site for off-site
judging, many, many thanks.

Lady Christiana-thank you for doing such a great job with the Children's
activities.  Heard many great reviews about all the children did.

Lady Susanna, my Seneschal- thank you.  For the me asking five billion
questions on things, for working with me doing the site tokens and teaching
me new things with stamping, and just being my sounding board.

Mistress Genevieve-for answering what seemed like a billion questions, and
helping me understand more about the event and how events are run in
general, a million thank yous.

Milo-wow, thank you for being there early and helping with set-up and even
moving tables around, and to your helpers.  It made everything so much
easier and faster.

Artisans-Thank you for coming out to the event this year.  I really
appreicate you taking your time and making the event more special for those
who were displaying.

For the Artists who came and displayed.  You all did a wonderful job and
such talented work.  Without you, we would not be doing Artisan, so many,
many, many thanks.

Heralds-Thank you so much for making any annoucements needed and running in
and out of the room, when we needed you.

And for the many volunteers who were behind the scenes who helped move
things around, and set-up, and even cleaning up afterwards, we could not
have done this event with out the help of everyone, and it has not gone
un-noticed.  I know there are many more who's names I was not able to get or
mention, but from the bottom of my heart I really do appreciate all the hard
work that was put into the event, to make it as fun and wonderful as it was.

Again with many gracious thank yous to all and many,

Lady Elec inghean Sheáin
Steppes Artisan co-Steward
Steppes Chronicler
mka Shawn Ott

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