[Ansteorra] Court results from Steppes Artisan/Elfsea Baronial College and additional thanks

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To the populace of Ansteorra and to the Barony of the Steppes do I, Katheryn, send you greetings.

My thanks to Their Most Stellar Majesties and Their Royal Highnesses for attending Steppes Artisan/Elfsea Baronial College. In Their court, they announced that Amata Anati d' Arezzo will be elevated to the Order of the Laurel at an event in the future. Vivat!  

Their Majesties also gave the Award of Arms to Christianna of the Steppes.  Congratulations Lady Christianna! There was also a presentation to Their Majesties by the Steppes Free Association of Metalsmiths. They made a lovely and generous donation of award insignia to them. 

My thanks also to my cousins, Daire and Druinne, Baron and Baroness of Elfsea for sharing and contributing to this festive event.   In their court, they announced that Eithne ingne meic Cináeda (Eithne the Healer) as a new holder of the Sable Thistle from the hands of Gunthar and Elisabeth,  Lord Kormkr was awarded the honor of the Western Tower of Elfsea, and Lord Todd of Elfsea was finally (wink) awarded the Right of Four Shores.

I would like to add my thanks, as do my cousins Elfsea, to all of those individuals that Lady Elec mentioned in previous emails.  The event could not have happened without you all!  Another big thank you to Baron Donnchadh who helped tote several things to and from the Steppes locker with me. 

For Elec's contributions to the barony, she received an Acorn of the Steppes in court. Also in Steppes court, Countess Elisabeth Seale was added to the Order of the Oak of the Steppes!  Congratulations!

My thanks to all of the hard-working Steppes Artisans who gave great counsel in selecting the newest Steppes Artisan, with a special thank you to Mistress Rhiannon for her wonderful service to the barony this past year. 

Thank you to all who entered the Artisan competition. What a wonderful array of displays we had to look at! In the end it was Honorable Lady Oksana Goncharova named as the newest Steppes Artisan.  She had an amazing display including pottery, pottery tools, examples of dyes, illumination, tiles, pies and some amazing iconography (my favorite of all).  I loved listening to her speak of her art and I am pleased to have her as my Artisan.

My thanks to all that entered the novice category.  Many incredible pieces of art were shown and the winner was Elisava Illiesca for her beautiful illumination.  

Please feel free to add anything that I might have left out in this missive.

In service to the Crown and to the Lands I hold in fief
Baroness of the Steppes
Lady Glaslyn and Lindenwood


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