[Ansteorra] East Kingdom: Call for Teachers - Metalsmith Symposium Sept 11-13

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For those of you with an ability to travel or who maybe in the East Kingdom at that time, 
this Metalsmith Symposium is supposed to be very good and a full weekend of fun and learning. 
Cheers, Hillary

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Forwarded with permission.  Please note that there are many events in the
East Kingdom that weekend, so you may already be promised elsewhere!

I've seen the tentative class list - faience beads, all sots of
interesting things with glass beads, a possible period bead kiln (fingers
crosses), blacksmithing (making tent steaks, simple knife making, forge
welding, heat treating of steel, making draw knives), pewtercasting (3
part molds, indexing molds, sandcasting), cloisonne, and hammered brass. 
Can't wait!!


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(Posted with permission on behalf of the autocrat.)


This autumn, the Shire of Glenn Linn is pleased to host the 8th annual
Metalsmith's Symposium (MSS8), September 11-13.

MSS8 is a weekend event full of classes featuring the many arts &
sciences that use tools, fire or metal -- and there is still ample room
in the schedule for classes! Please consider adding your good skills to
the day and contact the Class Coordinator to schedule:

For questions regarding classes, please inquire to Lady Irene Purificato
<ipurificato at yahoo.com>

The beautiful Adirondack site can well accomodate the many arts that are
best demo'd outdoors. There are several fire circles alongside open
pavilions, each containing a stone hearth. (More than one forge have also
offered to attend.)

For additional informtion about the event, feast info and fees, cabin and
lean-to reservations, please visit the event Website:


All questions are welcome. Thank you for your attention and
consideration. I hope to see you there!

Lady Frigga Halladottir
Autocrat, Metalsmiths Symposium VIII
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