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Greetings all,

I will be hosting a Hnefatafl, or King's Table, tournament at Bjornsborg's Ursae Lyon the weekend of 16-18 October. The early rounds of the tournament will take place in between scheduled events culminating with the final taking place in the Tavern Saturday evening after Court. I will be making a Game Board as a prize for the winner.

The tournament will use the 11x11 board and will be played according to World Championship rules, with one exception. The exception being that the King can be captured by 3 opposing pieces and the edge of the board. The World Championship is only 2 years old and they are still the the process of determining which rules best represent the game. 

The Laws as devised by the Fetlar Hnefatafl Panel.

The Game.

There are two sides. 

The attackers (in dark colour) and the defenders (in light colour).

There are two types of piece. 

The king and the warriors.

The aim of the attackers is to capture the king.

The aim of the defenders is to help get the king to a refuge square at the corner of the board.

Moves are the same for all pieces.

A warrior may move horizontally or vertically but not diagonally.

The warrior may move one or more squares or until it is stopped by the presence of another piece or the edge of the board. (or in the corners the king refuge squares. It may cross the central king refuge square but may not stop on it).

The king moves are the same as the warriors, but only the king is allowed on the five refuge squares. These are the central square and the four corner squares. Warriors can cross the central square as long as they stop elsewhere.

Starting. The attackers have the first move.

Taking is by sandwiching a warrior between two opponent warriors. (squashing.)

A warrior can move between two opposing warriors into a sandwiched position and is not taken. (One of the opposing warriors would have to move away and back again to take it.)

It is possible to move a warrior or the king so that it causes more than one opposing warrior to be squashed. In this case more than one opposing warrior has been taken. (In theory-up to three warriors can be taken in one move.)

A warrior or king may be where one move would capture it but the player whose turn it is to move need not make that move.

Taking is also possible by squashing an opposing warrior between one warrior or king and a refuge square.

Taking the king is by surrounding him, that is, sandwiching him in both directions. The king must be forced from the edge of the board in order to do this. It is permitted to squash the king when he is on the central refuge square. (i.e. one warrior on each of the four sides).

For those wishing to learn the game I will be at Jagarmeister and LPT with boards and happy to teach. On a side note the lady won won the first year had only learnt the game 45 minutes before the World Championship began.


HL.Debora of Durham

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