[Ansteorra] more information on Hnefatafl tournament.

deboramarzec at aol.com deboramarzec at aol.com
Fri Aug 21 11:53:34 PDT 2009

The Bjornsborg Ursae Lyon event site is about 15 minutes south of Downtown San Antonio.


Information on the tournament will be placed on the event web site, and any specific questions can be directed to me at www.Deboramarzec at aol.com? Sign up information, registration details etc. will be posted here closer to tournament time.

In addition to the Hnefatafl tournament I will have my game pavilion set up for those who's game interestes differ from those of the Vikings. Tavern Games will be set up both evenings.

Whilst it is highly unlikely a 2 year old could play, young people often learn the game quite easily as their brains deal with 'any corner to win' more?readily than those of us who grew up with games played across the board such as Chess and Draughts. However, for tournament play I have set the age at 13 and up. As this is a tournament, players must be mature enough to lose with grace, even though there are many period examples of Vikings failing to do so. The Sagas tell how playing 'Tafl' was one of the neccessary skills to becoming a warrior. They also mention women players, so ladies it would be perfectly period for you to enter...

HL. Debora of Durham.



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