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Generous words.
I am humbled by remarks such as these passages this evening. Thank you for 
your generous words.
Please let me hasten to say that at that time, there would have been no 
creation of an order to recognize cavaliers, swashbuckling combatants in 
Ansteorra, had there not been any who wielded foils, any who carefully 
brought the sport to life via their personas. It was due to Tivar and his 
ilk, Gallowglass, Dupre', Robin, Duerrmast, Alaric Glenn de Greythorne, and 
others that a "reason" existed for that recognition.
Time brought changes; to epee, to schlauger, and changes by other Kingdoms 
taking note.

All can peek at 
to see many named to the Order in Ansteorra over the past 30 years.
Please ponder their names, for some have left us.

It was all those ladies and gentlemen who changed the world.

Thanks to early Crowns who invested time and concern in preserving the 
original Principality Order of the Cavaliers, elevating the recognition to a 
Kingdom level recognition, theOrder of the White Scarf by name, and 
enlarging the community.
How many Kingdoms in the knowne worlde now have signed the White Scarf 
Who'd have thought???

... ... Missing Christoforo so much more today... ...


Long Live the Queen!

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> Shortly after I stepped down as Queen, a Duke asked me to describe what 
> about the reign had made me feel most like a Queen. I replied, without 
> hesitation, "The White Scarves." He seemed confused, because he repeated 
> the question, and said something like, "No, I mean what *really* made you 
> feel like a ruler?" It seemed that to him, the most moving and magical 
> part of being a sovereign in the SCA was inextricably tied to commanding 
> warriors in battle, which makes perfect sense - the thunder and thrill on 
> the melee field at war created the grandest "dream" moments for him, and 
> made him really feel like a king and sovereign.
> But for me, the truest and most magical moments as Queen were just as 
> inextricably linked to the White Scarves, and indeed, to the entire rapier 
> community. As the consummate courtiers, they were a source of unwavering 
> love and devotion that was both unexpected and humbling, and truly made 
> real the experience of being Queen. 10 years later, they still make me 
> feel appreciated, and my respect and admiration for them continue to grow 
> as I watch them all continue to fight, serve, and inspire.
> To every White Scarf, Cadet, and "free-range" rapier fighter, Happy White 
> Scarf Day, and thank you for everything you add to our game. Your 
> elegance, honor, panache, passion, and spirit have enriched every Queen of 
> Ansteorra, every lady or lord whose honor you have defended on the field, 
> and our entire Society.
> To Tessa and every other Queen who in those early years took a chance on 
> our rapier fighters - Joselyn and Julia and Sieglinde and all the rest - 
> thank you for your vision and inspiration.
> And to Tivar - Happy 30th Anniversary! Thank you for your years as one of 
> rapier's greatest advocates in Ansteorra and across the Knowne World. We 
> owe you so much.
> With deepest respect,
> Countess Sara Penrose
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>> Fair Greetings,
>> Thirty years ago, on a cold, wet Saturday night, history
>> was made. During court at the Tournament of Chivalry in the
>> Principality of Ansteorra, Her Highness Tessa of the Gardens
>> announced that she and Prince Simonn of Amber Isle were
>> creating an award to recognize prominent rapier fighters in
>> the Principality. To the best of my knowledge, this was the
>> first official recognition of any sort for rapier fighters
>> in the SCA.
>> At that time, there were maybe thirty or forty rapier
>> fighters in Ansteorra, and a few handfuls scattered about
>> the rest of the Known World. Benign neglect was about the
>> best we could hope for from most of the powers-that-be and
>> outright hostility was a pretty common reaction to the
>> presence of rapier fighters.
>> But Simonn and Tessa saw farther than most, and realized
>> that rapier had the potential to add something to Ansteorra
>> and to the SCA as a whole. Little did any of us realize just
>> how much it would add. So take a moment to reflect on where
>> you were and what you were doing on March 10 AS XIII, and to
>> raise a glass to toast the folks who started the Order of
>> the White Scarf.
>> Happy White Scarf Day, everybody!
>>             -Tivar Moondragon
>>                         Ansteorra
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