[Ansteorra] Sign Language Interpretor needed for Beltane

Pukhta 'Pooky' Lovvek pookyloves at gmail.com
Fri May 1 08:13:08 PDT 2009

Good Day Lands of Ansteorra and all Her Ships at Sea,

Would hap someone who will be attending Beltane (or could be convinced
to attend Beltane ) be able and willing to Interpret the spoken word
with gestures at court (and maybe Bardic)?

Much Great & Huge Pooky sized Appreciation,
Pooky - Namron's Beltane Accessibility Liaison & Coordinator of
Functional Activities

Post Scriptum: If your in school it might be worth extra credit

Respect your creation, love me and be then healed. A grand plan done
in a simple way.
-- Pookspeare

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