[Ansteorra] Next Kingdom Seneschal

Master Phelim Gervase called Pug - Ansteorra Kingdom Seneschal seneschal at ansteorra.org
Sat May 2 18:30:34 PDT 2009

Good Morning,

  It is my pleasure to announce that the Crown and Society Seneschal have decided on my replacement - our next Kingdom Seneschal. We had two well qualified individuals apply, which gives me pride that our kingdom continues to have willing and capable individuals to give back to our society and community in this manner.

  I will be working to transition the office over the next couple months. This will allow for a formal transition in July to Duchess Conal O'Riordain. Please welcome her and give her all the support you can in her next great contribution to our kingdom.

In Service,
Master Phelim Gervase called Pug
Kingdom Seneschal - Ansteorra
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