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Tue May 5 05:51:50 PDT 2009


You and your Lady are in my prayers.  I have wonderful memories of you and your Lady at so many events over the years.  She was always smiling, gracious, and having fun.  She will be sadly missed and we are made less by her absence.  

Sir Burke

> Dearest friends in Bjornsborg and throughout Ansteorra,
> Monday, 10pm May 4, 2009
> It is with the greatest sadness that I must impart this tragic news.  
> Please feel free to post this email to others throughout our Kingdom.
> My wife and gracious Lady, Tonie Kelley (Brianna), is nearing the end of 
> her life's journey.  Even as I write this missive, the Lord's blessed 
> angels are preparing for her journey to heaven.  While a "cancer 
> survivor," the radiation treatments and chemotherapy involved in 
> battling her disease, in addition to three life-threatening infections 
> in recent months, have left her body too weak to respond to her still 
> strong spirit.  Thankfully, she now does not suffer and slumbers in 
> peaceful rest at the Odyssey Hospice located approximately 1/2 
> mile south of the intersection of Blanco and Bitters road - 13431 Blanco 
> road.  Only a few hours, or perhaps a few days remain in the life of my 
> wonderful friend, soul-mate, partner and loving wife.  With rare 
> exception, I have spent the last month at her side, and will remain 
> so until we part company - parting only until we are again reunited in 
> God's grace. 
> If you wish, you may reach me at the hospice via my cell phone number of 
> 210-414-6772.  I would request calling me before coming to bid her 
> good-bye, in case her situation changes without my ability to let you 
> all know.  Funeral arrangements are pending with Porter Loring Mortuary 
> North near loop 1604 North and Gold Canyon road.  Further details will 
> be made available when possible.  I will not be available on-line, so I 
> strongly recommend you call me via the cell phone number provided.
> Please keep Brianna in your thoughts, prayers and memories.
> With breaking heart, I send my love.
> Emrys
> Tonie and Bob Kelley
> 22726 San Saba Bluff
> San Antonio, Texas 78258

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