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Well, this is what has been done in some kingdoms.

In the fEASTS section of the Florilegium:
tasting-tabls-msg (12K)  4/29/09    Introducing people to medieval  
foods using
                                        food samples and tasting tables.

In some ways this also sounds like the various food competitions.

cookg-compet-msg  (38K) 12/ 1/08    SCA cooking competitions.
SC-Outlandish-msg (14K)  8/24/08    A pirate themed Siege Cooking  
competition at
                                        the 2008 Outlandish event.
SC-Potrero-art    (22K)  1/29/09    Calafia Siege Cook Off at the  
Potrero War.
SC-Talonvale-msg  (10K)  9/29/08    Siege cooking at the "Siege on  
                                        event in the Middle Kingdom  
in 2004.
siege-cooking-msg (22K)  8/24/08    A cooking contest where teams are  
                                        min. time, ingredients to  
create a meal.

(who does cast pewter tokens)

On May 6, 2009, at 2:17 AM, willowdewisp at juno.com wrote:

> I was  thinking about feast and realized that  I wasn't sure what  
> the food tasted like. I get a little scared when I see "period"  
> dishes.
> I was wondering if anyone has ever put on a "period  food tasting."
> I could see it at a big event with maybe dancing going on. Lighted  
> by candlelight but lots of lights on the food tables. The chief  
> standing behind the tables or their  assistants. The food in small   
> bits and it labeled and if possible the recipes available. Paper  
> labeled with the name of the dish to write suggestions on and a  
> silver bowl  on each table to hold "suggestions"
> I was thinking of  the stone thing to give to people so we could  
> have a winner of best dish and best all around chief. but then I  
> thought why not make my bezants.
> Those are those medal stampings I have been embossing. A coin  
> minter could make them easily. You could emboss them with symbols  
> representing Laurels or nobles or anything. Male/female, Fighter/ 
> noncom,etc...
> In the end a list of the favorite dishes of the Ansteorran people  
> with recipes could be put out Maybe a web site. This would give our  
> chiefs some idea of what people prefer.
> I personally have never seen this idea. Though the BBQ thing at  
> Gulf  War did inspire the concept.  Most good  chief "test out"  
> their food but this might both inform our populace as to what taste  
> good and give a broader based feed back to our chiefs.
> Duchess Willow

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