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I would like to take this oppurtunity to  publicly thank Golden Scroll as well as the Illuminators of Loch Soillier.  All the  charters I had were taken from me by nefarious former aquaintances, and far from turning away my sob story, HE Deanna was able to procure for me three replacements all from the Barony of Loch Soillier.  Each as beautiful as my originals.  Each as meaningful to me as my originals.  Each replaced a small part of me that I had felt I had lost.  Thank you to all of you.Ld. Gormr LjotrUlfr

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> I lost my AOA years ago in a move and I am not sure who I would need to
talk to in order to see about getting a replacement if at all possible.

---- If your AoA was issued by an Ansteorran crown, please feel free
to email me either at this address or at golden_scroll at ansteorra.org

* Your mundane name & mailing address
* Your SCA name
* The group that hosted the event where you received it
* The award name, the date it was given, and the Crown who issued it

---- and I'll be happy to replace it.

> Since we are on this subject......what about if you have received a scroll
in the wrong name.? The Kingdom OP has been corrected however, the scroll
hasn't been.? Just curious if it is possible to get a corrected one of those
as well.? :)? It is for a child.....if it was for me I would drop it and not
find out.

--- If a recipient's preferences have merely changed, either in terms
of name or its specific spelling,  Golden Scroll generally won't
replace it. But if it's a genuine case of a misspelling, the same
information as above applies, and I'll be happy to issue a

Hope that helps!

-Deanna della Penna
Golden Scroll
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