[Ansteorra] Bordermarch Baronial Feast thank yous plus some

Charles Netterville ck_netterville at yahoo.com
Mon May 11 09:56:32 PDT 2009

Greetings good gentles all.
This past Saturday it was my honor to serve my Barony Bordermarch as their feast steward.
Some corrections need to be made however. Although mine may have been the name in the Blackstar, this was in no way MY feast. All of those truly responsible for such magnificence must be brought to your attention in a moment but first a taunt...
If you chose for whatever reason to forego the feast this past weekend, I'd like to share with you what you missed out on.
We started with yeast rolls and butter
went to appetizers of Dolmas(stuffed grape leaves) and Greek olives
The soup was a carrot and parsnip soup from an old Irish cookbook. While I couldn't document the recipe itself, I can document all of the ingredients. 
>From there we had a smoked salmon on flat bread and topped with a Greek cucumber/mint sauce.
>From there we had a roast herbed rosemary pork loin with the absolute freshest rosemary available, hand picked from Countess Tessa's herb garden the very morning of the event and lovingly hand delivered to the kitchen on site. The freshness makes a huge impact on the finished product.
We then enjoyed a couscous stuffing prepared from a traditional Roman recipe
and finally an herbed garlic roast beef brisket
We finished with bread pudding and an orange glaze prepared by the talented and loving hands of our Baroness, HE Elizabeth. I understand that it took the honor guard a great deal of due diligence to protect the confection so that it would indeed arrive on site intact. Arrive intact indeed it did and it was one of the most complemented dishes of the event.
>From the moment we arrived on site Friday evening there was a torrent of volunteers helping to set up the kitchen and offering their services. If I miss anybody, (and I'm sure I will) please rest assured that your help was indeed most appreciated and it is only because of my lack of memory that your name does not appear here.
Now on to the real heroes of the feast.
First of all, even though she was unable to attend the event, I would be remiss were I not to mention the reason I am able to serve in this capacity. My lovely Lady Hendrika, without whose everlasting support I would never be able to get everything bought, stored, precooked, etc. She puts up with my passion for cooking, my camp ovens, pavilions, coolers, freezers full of food, a garage full of canned goods, gadgets and propane bottles, not to mention other sundry items too numerable to think of that a normal woman would have thrown out years ago. Thank you for your undying support my love.
Another who couldn't be in attendance, but the meat just wouldn't have been the same without his contribution is Ld. Balda Swinebrother from Ravensfort. The loan of the BBQ pit made serving freshly smoked salmon, pork and beef possible. Thank you so much my brother, your presence was sorely missed. 
To TE Santiago and Elizabeth for allowing me to serve their populace at such a wondrous event and entrusting me with this honor. I pray I served you to your satisfaction if not your expectations.
>From the very start and throughout the event, My lovely daughter, milady Tzipporah, milord Redmann (who stayed the night both Friday and Saturday to watch out for the equipment left in the kitchen and protect it all from critters. Bipedal and others... 
Ld John the Sterling and our Autocrat Paddy (cause I never can spell her real name correctly) even though she had hundreds of other places to be.,Ly. Libby, Mistress Tessa who donated herbs from her own gardens and e-mailed me coupons that I needed to help reduce expenditures, Sir Simmon,. Ld. Adolf the bear, Ld Phocus and Ly. Ellen, Ld Aaron Whitewolf, who not only checked in on me before and during the event, but also drove back to site Sunday morning and helped Redmann and myself wash dishes, pack and organize so that everything would be ready for the next event. His organizational skills, leadership skills and his level headed alertness was most needed as I was still half asleep and would have probably still been on site trying to figure out where everything went were it not for the help of these men. 
During the event, my rock, my conscience and my much needed second opinion, keeping me from screwing up the spices, making sure the meats were sliced correctly and keeping my sanity for me (since I couldn't be trusted with it) Mistress Gwyneth Blackrose was an ever present resource with whom I always enjoy sharing a kitchen.
During this time, I remember several coming through the kitchen, offering help, slicing or cutting where needed, whom I never got names and then would just fade into the woodwork. Let me take a moment to recognize these fair gentles as even though they made it a point to sneak away before I could get names, their help was most appreciated and this feast would not have come together as well as it did were it not for their efforts. 
The same goes for the servers. Those good gentles who stepped forward just long enough to serve the populace and then vanish again. This is the mark of true humility and your service is appreciated. I'm told that many of these were from (the lost boys) ??? Although I do not have names, you all know who you are and please know that your efforts were invaluable. 
Another incredible fact about this feast was that we the populace of Bordermarch wanted to put on a memorable and inexpensive event while still properly honoring our champions with a feast that would be fit for champions. To this end, all of the food served at the event Saturday was bought by privately donated funds totaling almost $600.00. 
While I won't embarrass anyone with a list of who donated what, I wanted to take a moment while I am thanking the ones who made this feast possible to say I wouldn't even need to write this missive were it not for each of you. Your generosity really made this possible. 
Again, thank you, each of you for making this feast possible and making this such a wonderful and memorable event. It could not have happened without you. 
In joyful service I remain, 
Ld. Elrique Falcone DeNetterville O.S.T.B. 'and humble cook'


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