[Ansteorra] Knight School coming soon!

Sir Giotto di Giovanni sirgiotto at gmail.com
Tue May 12 16:01:04 PDT 2009

Come out for Knight School to be held at Bryn Gwlad's fighter practice.

Tuesday, June 2nd at 7:30 p.m.

This format has garnered attention from around the Known World for its
success and the fun had by fighters, knights and observers.

Here's how it goes:

All available knights will take the field.  Each knight should invite a page
to help them throughout the evening.

Pages should expect to help the knight with equipment and water.  They will
also take notes for each fighter.

Fighters will face off against the knights.  Fighters without a knight to
fight will form lines in front of each knight.  Every five minutes, a
timekeeper will announce time and fighters will move to the end of the line
of the next knight.  The fighter fighting the last knight in the line will
move to the end of the line of the first knight.

The fighters will be given a notebook to present to each knight's page.  At
the end of two minutes, the page will write the knight's comments to the
fighter in the notebook.

The knights will hold the field until everyone who is able has been given a
chance to fight them all.

NEW! - At the end of the training session the knights will called on to give
a five minute talk on an aspect of fighting or knighthood.


Hope to see you there,

Sir Giotto

Please excuse the cross posts.

We are knights. We are professional killers constrained by a code of conduct
that turns murder into both art and service. -- Duke Cuán MacDaige

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