[Ansteorra] Merchants for Ansteorra 30th Year

c lambright clambright2000 at yahoo.com
Wed May 13 08:23:10 PDT 2009

Greetings to all Merchants

Just in case you did not know, it is almost time for the Ansteorra 30th Year Celebration, July 9-12, 2009 in Canton, Texas. This event will be just brimming with people having fun, fighting and SHOPPING. I have heard from some of you, but we have space for many more Merchants. Please go to http://30th-year.ansteorra.org/information.php in the Section of the webpage for "Merchants" for information and the very easy, simple information form that will tell us about you and your wares. Deadline for this form is June 15th. We hope to do a little advertising between the 15th and the event on who will be selling their wares at the event so please get me your form. If you have any 30th Year Merchanting questions, please email me. 

Thanks to all and COME and Merchant at 30th Year!!!
HL Cristyana Lambrecht
30th Year Merchant Coordinator


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