[Ansteorra] Why you should come to Steppes Warlord!

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Fri May 15 12:26:34 PDT 2009

    There will be wondrous competitions for the various Steppes
        Steppes Warlord, Chivalric fighting tourney, one of the largest
Chivalric tourney's of the year. 
            Besides the traditional gift Basket this years Steppes
Warlord will also receive a 2'x3' Aircraft Aluminum Shield Blank and 2
Staves of Rattan.
        Steppes Champion, Rapier fighting tourney, also one of the
largest Rapier tourney's of the year.
            In addition to the wonderful gift basket this years Steppes
Champion will receive a $100.00 gift certificate to Darkwood Armory
        Steppes Archer, Baronial Archery Tourney, one of the largest
Archery tourney's in the Kingdom
            This years Steppes Archer will receive a $50.00 gift
certificate to 3Rivers Archery in addition to their Prize Basket
        Steppes Bard, 
            This years Steppes Bard will receive the traditional gift
basket and also a $50.00 gift Card to Amazon .com so you can buy these
bardic supplies you want.
        We will also have more fighting.
    (New) Chivalric Melees on Sunday to get your blood pumping and to
excise out those Melee feelings.
    (New) Rapier Melees on Saturday to express your Rapier wit and
finesse in group Melee's.
    (New) Bear pit Tourney, Starting on Saturday after the 2nd round
round is completed in the Warlord Tourney. Come and beat up your friends
for all the fighting you can stand.
        We have more Archery Competitions:

*	        Children's Archery
*	        Combat Archery
*	        Novice Archery Shoot
*	        William Tell Shoot

            And Steppes this year has the great Honor and Distinction of
holding The Royal Huntsman Tourney on Sunday!
    We will have a Thrown Weapons Competition in Knife Axe and Spear!
        But yet there is still more! We have other activities for people
who do not fight or participate in archery. Here is a list of these

*	    A&S Competition in the hall on Saturday
*	    A&S Classes in beginning and advanced Belly Dancing and
basic drumming classes and others!
*	    On site Embroidery competition
*	    Heraldic Help Table
*	    Scribal Painting activities
*	    Not mention a Hafla on Saturday Night

    We still have more as we have the halls for 12 hours on Saturday and
Sunday a hall full or merchants inside and outside. And there are still
more activities I have not mentioned.
    Of course there is no substitute for the fun and friendship
experience you get at Steppes Warlord. Come and enjoy Steppes
hospitality. See you next week at Steppes Warlord.

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