[Ansteorra] Classes for 30th Year

Melissa Carter honeyfrog at gmail.com
Sat May 16 15:09:43 PDT 2009

Greetings All,
I am HL Hedwig, Master Scheduler for Ansteorran 30th Year and I have a
need.  I have a need for CLASSES and TEACHERS!  If you have a class you've
been asked over and over to teach and haven't found there right
event...consider 30th Year.  If you have a class you'd like to teach at
least once before war comes around again...consider 30th year.  If you have
a topic EVERYONE loves for you to teach...consider 30th year.  If you're new
to the kingdom and you want to be involved in 30th year and you have a class
you taught in your former home kingdom...consider 30th year.
The schedule is starting to swell and I am going to be making updates almost
daily now.  This is a first come ...oh I'm sorry that time slot is taken
format so email me soon with your class or activity.  I will be opening
emails by time stamp and date so it really is going to be who got to the
schedule first.
You do NOT have to be a Laurel to teach, you do NOT have to have an Iris to
teach...you don't even have to have any award under your belt at all to
teach.  All you need is the desire to teach your topic and the space on the
schedule; so sign up to enlighten us all!  Any topic is fair game!  Chain
maile, scribal work, hand stitching, garb or hat making, fletching arrows,
carving, shoe making, if you can think of it we need a class on it!  (Check
with me privately about brewing...you know how THOSE rules are always
different).  Marshal classes are also welcome.  For instance what goes into
a chiv kit or a cut and thrust class or how to look dashing while dieing...

When you do email me about the class you're willing to teach please include
the following:
Your SCA and mundane name
phone number (optional but a good idea)
name of your class
class details (will there be a nominal supply fee, bring your own knitting
needles etc) what the topic of the class is
how many tables and chairs if any you will need
the DAY and TIME you'd like to teach (please note we will have Friday
classes as well, not just Saturday)
class limit if any
and VERY IMPORTANT your PERMISSION to post your information on the web page
for 30th Year

Please know, you need no one's permission to teach a class, just the desire
to do so.  We want everyone in Ansteorra to participate and enjoy this
wonderful event from the newest of the new comer to the ummm most stellar of
the ummm stellar (yeah that is better than the older than dirt phrase huh!
In Service,
HL Hedwig, master scheduler
honeyfrog at gmail dot com

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