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Eadric Anstapa eadric at scabrewer.com
Sun May 17 15:55:04 PDT 2009

What you appear to be suggesting is that you are going to allow people 
who are not combat archery authorized shoot at one another.  This would 
violate Society Law.

While I was Society CA Marshal I had to constantly remind people of this.

1.  If you are shooting at people is it Combat.  Just because there are 
only two combat archers does make it something other than combat.

2. The absolute first rule in the SCA marshals handbook says:

    /A. General/
    /1. All persons who wish to participate in SCA combat activities
    must authorize under the Society and Kingdom-of-residence
    authorization procedures. SCA combat activities are defined as
    armored combat, period fencing, combat archery, siege, and marshaling./

The rule is clear.  Combat Archery is listed separately from armored or 
rapier combat as a distinct type of _combat_ participation and it 
requires authorization.

3.  The Rules of the List that we are all supposed to know and that are 
part of Corpora and repeated in the Marshals Handbook says in Rules of 
the List #2

    /2. No person shall participate in Official Combat-Related
    Activities (including armored combat, period fencing, and combat
    archery) outside of formal training sessions unless they have been
    properly authorized under Society and Kingdom procedures./

4.  If this is a tournament where people are competing, then this is NOT 
a formal training session.  It is Combatants in a Tournament.

5.  Bottom line is that if people are going to shoot at one another then 
those participants must be authorized for combat.  No exception.  
Otherwise you violate corpora.

_*Now*_ at Squires, Cadets, and Arcarius event last spring we held a CA 

(  rules we used found here    
http://www.companystsebastian.net/files/boxtourney.htm  )

Before we had our CA tournament I called the Society SCA Marshal and he 
confirmed for the that of course to participate is such a tournament you 
had to be authorized  but he also granted the same provision that I had 
granted as DSEM CA and allowed that since there would ONLY be CA and no 
other combat taking place, as long as all participants were properly 
authorized, and properly armed  and armored,  that folks could  
participate equipped for either the Armored Combat field or the Rapier 
Combat field  as long as all of the bows and ammo where legal on both 
the armored and rapier fields (ie.you cant shoot a baldar blunt at 
someone in rapier armor, you cant shoot at someone in rapier armor with 
a 1000 IP bow, etc.)

Of course if what you intend IKCAC style archery  then never mind.  That 
is target archery and not combat so no authorization is required.



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> YES!  I shall be making a more detailed post tomorrow (just so
> much to do and so little time!). 
> Its a privately sponsored combat archery tournament open to
> all of legal age to participate within SCA armored or rapier combat. 
> You are not required to be authorized in missile combat for this
> contest, however you shall be required to participate wearing legal
> & inspected armor or kit appropriate for heavy or rapier combat. 
> Be advised, we shall not be making loaner armor available, you
> must supply your own!
> You may use you're own inspected missile combat gear or the
> loaner missile combat gear which shall be made available to use
> (note - balders will not be allowed vs. rapier opponents).
> Basically its a combat archer vs combat archer blind draw
> double elimination (ties or no scores count as a loss for both
> shooters).  Participants will be limited to 12 missiles for each
> end and all ends are timed.  Should we still have participants left
> at the completion of the three ends the elimination rounds become
> a blind draw pick. Winner shall be determined by the by the 
> combat archer winning the most ends!
> The format might be adjusted depending on just how many
> participants we have, we're kinda winging it because there hasn't
> been a combat archer vs. combat archer tournament held for
> quite a while that I'm aware of, the last one we held had about a
> dozen participants but was restricted to combat archery authorized
> only.  This one we're opening up to all whom have an interest in
> combat archery and can supply their own armor.
> The goal is to stimulate more interest in combat archery by offering
> a little first hand experience and to further encourage folks to take
> a shot at it (pardon the pun) I'm offering one of my own "Draconian
> X-bow" combat crossbows as the prize for the winner of the contest!
> I'm not sure I'm on this list, but pray feel free to past this post
> along!
> Regards,
> Ironwyrm (aka HL William Black Dragon)
> -

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