[Ansteorra] [Elfsea] Pavilion Sale @ Warlord

Deana Covel Whitney dmcovel79 at yahoo.com
Mon May 18 20:15:09 PDT 2009

Greetings Everyone,

Again, Elfsea will be having a Pavilion sale at Warlord.
Many SCA related items will be for sale.

 The Big Blue pavilion top will be for sale. $250.00
  For those who have asked, Big Blue is between 40x24 feet or 34x18 feet. Sorry, no one can remember the exact size, other than "really large" and that 3 queen size beds were able to fit under it at one point with several feet in between them.
  There will be measuring tapes on hand for those interested. 
It could be reworked into a smaller pavilion for those with sewing skills. 

In Service,
 Hanna von Dahl, OL

"Burn brightly without burning out." - Richard Briggs


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