[Ansteorra] Fighter cards to be mailed out tomorrow-May 19th

Kory-Kajira Lewis torinsmail at hotmail.com
Mon May 18 20:45:15 PDT 2009


I hope the Spring/Summer fighting season is treating you well and injury-less :)

Here is the list... (expiration list to follow)


Authorization Cards to be mailed out on May 19th
1.       Bearth, M
2.       Brinsfield, R
3.       Brooks, M
4.       Childress, C
5.       Childress, k
6.       Cornelius, S
7.       Crumrine, M
8.       Davis, C
9.       Garnes, M
10.   Garrett, W
11.   Geisendorff, T
12.   Gray, B
13.   Havas, F
14.   Holland, S
15.   Kelley, R
16.   Knebel, D
17.   Knight, C
18.   Lawless, A
19.   Lindsey, S
20.   Lucas, C
21.   MacQueen, J
22.   Marsh, K
23.   Meissner, L
24.   Meissner, W
25.   Pomerautz, B
26.   Riner, M
27.   Simon, C
28.   Spinks, J
29.   Stuettgen, Charles
30.   Stuettgen, Christopher

This is all of the forms that I have received via snail or e-mail as of today.  If you have filled out a form or have (e)mailed  one to me and your name isn't on the list, please contact me.  Please, if you gave your form to the authorizing marshal to send to me, contact the marshal first to make sure it has been mailed.
Many thanks, see some of you at Steppes Warlord! :)
Kajira Camber
  (Khayra bint Tahir ibn Rashid)
m.k.a. Kory Lewis
a.k.a. Rabbit's Wife

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