[Ansteorra] More Warlord Fun!

Elizabeth Crouchet elizabeth at crouchet.com
Wed May 20 15:19:02 PDT 2009

On Sunday evening, after all official activities for Steppes Warlord have
concluded, some of us are going to have a party on site.

We will have a tacky garb and pot-luck gathering.

Wear something you'd never be caught dead in, or at least, not again. Bring
some of your leftovers from the previous two evenings, something to share or
just your own dinner and join us for fun and revelry.

There will be a contest for best tacky garb; the only qualification is that
you can not be caught wearing it before the end of the final court on

This will be very informal and just a chance to party and visit with our
friends, in case we have been too busy with  Warlord fun to stop and do that
before hand.

Yes, mundane dress and mundane subjects of discussion allowed, as well as
filk, fun and folk songs. Of course anything SCA related is always welcome.

Come and relax with us before we pack up and head home on Monday morning.

We will be gathering at some camp near the hall, near the list fields. We
will try to have more info posted on site once we establish the camp.

Please join us!

Claire Shayhan

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