[Ansteorra] Champion of Champions Tourney at 30th year.

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The Shire of the Shadowlands, shall sponsor a Tournament of Champions at
Ansteorra’s 30th Year Celebration. The Tournament shall commence at 2 of the
clock on the afternoon of Friday, the 10th day of July, and shall continue
until one champion stands alone, the Champion of Champions. This Tournament
shall be a Grand Pas de Arms on foot in a challenge format.

Each geographical area of the Kingdom of Ansteorra, whether Canton, College,
Shire, Province, or Barony, is encouraged to send forth a champion worthy to
vie for the title “Champion of Champions”. Said champions should be sent
forth arrayed for battle in a manner sufficient to display the greatness of
the sponsoring group. This will provide opportunities for many, indeed most,
of the people of Ansteorra to have a hand in preparing their local champion
for battle.  Costumers may choose to dress their champion in high style, and
to make livery for the champion’s herald and other attendants.

Skilled scribes might write the letter of intent, announcing their group’s
intention to enter a champion in the lyst, or may prepare a scroll
proclaiming the lineage of their chosen champion.  Other artisans or
craftsmen may create a crested helm, or largesse to be distributed on their
champion’s behalf.  Bards may write and perform chansons extolling the
greatness of their champion.  Musicians and dancers might be included in the
champion’s entourage.  A herald, of course, is a must for each champion.

Most important, the populace of each group is encouraged to join the gallery
and cheer their champion to victory.

Prove the wisdom and wealth of your group by selecting and fielding the
greatest of champions in the finest of regalia.

Summary/Rules of the Lyst

1.       The lyst shall be a challenge format, with a slightly modified
double elimination.

2.       Each geographical area of the kingdom of Ansteorra may enter one,
and only one, champion in the lyst.

3.       Each sponsoring group must produce a formal Letter of Intent to
enter a champion. Advance notice of intent is required, and may be sent to

                                jed.tressler at gmail.com

4.       Each sponsoring group should provide a herald for their champion,
although some may be available for hire.

5.       Each sponsoring group is strongly encouraged to trace the lineage
of their champion, and to submit that lineage for display.

6.       Each champion or sponsoring group is strongly encouraged to enter a
crested helm for display.

7.       Prizes will be awarded to the Champion of Champions, as well as to
the Champion’s sponsoring group.

8.       Further recognition and prizes will be given to the group that best
supports their champion.

Questions and comments should be directed to Lord Bastian Eisengart, steward
of the Tournament of Champions, at     jed.tressler at gmail.com.

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