[Ansteorra] Midsummer Festival - June 27th

Irena Fridenberg rubberduckiemom at gmail.com
Mon May 25 13:10:02 PDT 2009

On Saturday, June 27th, come join us in the Province of Mooneschadowe for a
celebration of Pomp, Pageantry and Chivalry.  No titles to win, no
responsibilities to fulfill, just good fighting, good food and good

We will have team based competitions with prizes given in the following

Best Herald
Most Enthusiastic
Best Team Pageantry
Best "Dream" Enhancer
Best List Field Pavilion Display
Fighter's Most Supportive Lady
Populace Choice for the person who most enhanced the event.

And a Strawberry hunt for the children and other

The site fee is  $10 (plus the $3.00 non-member fee).  This includes your
refreshing mid-day lunch
and Italian Sodas.

There will be team competitions in both Rapier and Chivalric fighting.  In
addition to the prizes listed above each fighter is asked to bring a prize
item as their entry fee to the tournament.  These items should  be something
you would be honored to win.  The winning team gets all the loot gathered
for their respective competitions.

The Event Stewards, Lady Isabella Coppla and Lady Katrine la Esclopiera,
invite you to visit the Web site for further information at

So prepare yourselves to out pomp your neighbor!

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