[Ansteorra] Plans for the Weekend?

David Backlin edrei at smythkepe.org
Tue May 26 14:13:03 PDT 2009

If you haven't made plans for the weekend, it's time to get cracking. You 
need to get your schedule in ship shape so you can attend Cracked Anvil: 
Seafarers of the Middle Ages.

Sail the seas in search of new lands, exotic spices, delectable delights, 
and astonishing new ideas from afar... or simply come for the fighting. 
Heavy Weapons activities include a Ship to Ship Battle and a Loot Deck 
Tourney. For Rapier enthusiasts we offer the Burning Ship Battle, the Ship 
Boarding Battle AND the Smythkepe Defender Tourney (open to anyone living 
within 150 of Smythkepe).

There will also be a Youth Rapier Workshop and a class on being Queen's 

Not interesting enough? Then set your sails to the Arts & Sciences 

* Best representation of an item created or a pastime enjoyed during a 
voyage: a 2-part competiton to be populace judged and panel judged.  Entries 
MUST be suitable for all ages (ie: no cabin boys). You may enter the same or 
different entries in this competiton.

*Herbal Competiton: Herbs used on the seas (in any medium)..{does that 
include seaweed?}

STILL not enough? How about Live Weapons?

How about classes? Spanish Travels, Games at Sea, Astrolabes, Cordials, What 
they Ate at Sea, Waiting for my Ship to Come In, and  How to make Flemish 
Eyes and other knots.

If nothing else, come and select the finest plunder for your ship & crew 
from our Merchant's Row including: That Special Touch (leather goods, 
jewelry, garb),  Marktplatz von Otto (hand carved walking sticks an other 
items), Disappearing Ink (temporary tattoos),  The Wounded Frog
(jewelry, baubles, misc) and All the Trimmings (trims, buttons, clasps, 
celtic wall hangings & tote bags).

And of course you WILL want to stay for feast: Mushroom and Rice Soup, Crab 
Cakes,  Roast Pork in Bourbon with Citrus Fruit Fans, Spice Cakes, Rum 
Cakes,  Seafood Salad, Roast Yams and so much more.

All this and more for a mere $17 for Adults,  $12 for Kids 6-12.   Off-board 
is $9 and $4, but remember: that means NO FEAST (but we'll tell you how to 
find KFC).  Non-members please add $3

So, set sail for Lat. 35.4973N, Long. 93.8562W and the Franklin County 
Fairgrounds in Ozark.  OR take your best route to Interstate 40 in Arkansas 
to Exit 35 (AR 23 Huntsville/Ozark). Go south on AR 23  3 miles to US 64, 
then turn right (west).  Go 7/10 of a mile to 29th St and turn right (north) 
then go 1/2 mile to the fairgrounds on your right.

Site opens 8am Saturday and closes at 10pm. Camping is available on-site for 
Saturday night at no additional charge. Site is discreetly wet (NO original 

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