[Ansteorra] Fiber Arts at King's College, June 13

Carolle Ternus clternus at sbcglobal.net
Tue May 26 15:11:07 PDT 2009

Greetings Ansteorra,

I am sponsoring a selection of Fiber Arts-related classes at King's 
College; the most recent selection can be found below.

There are 2 classes that because of either instructor-preparation or 
student-preparation, require pre-registration with the instructors. They 
are Tangled Threads: Beginning Bobbin Lace by Penelope Miriam Darling 
and Brocaded Tablet Weaving: by Mistress Hanna von Dahl. Contact them at 
their email addresses given below.

Radegundis Turonensis, OL


 >From the instructors:

Tangled Threads: Beginning Bobbin Lace - Create a cloth stitch bobbin 
lace snake bookmark with bead eyes.
Penelope Miriam Darling
maefare at hotmail.com 
two hours.
ten participants
Instructor will only have supplies for 6 people at a cost of $10 each. 
The students will need to preregister and specify if they will be 
bringing their own supplies, vwith the first six requesting supplies 
receiving them from me. (I cannot provide more supplies because I cannot 
get one of the items I use to make them.)
Partcipants who bring their own supplies can purchase them through 
www.amazon.com <http://www.amazon.com/> or www.jas-townsend.com 
<http://www.jas-townsend.com/>. Amazon has a kit for app. $27.
Participants may also purchase a macrame board ($4 at Amazon), 14 
bobbins ($1 ea. at Townsent), silk straight pens (no ball heads), and 
pearl cotton.
You will need 12 yds of pearl cotton in color 1 which will be divided 
into 6 2-yd. pieces and 4 yds. in color 2 which will be used as 1 piece.
I will bring beads for the eyes. If you have a small crochet hook (about 
size 6) it will help you out with the eyes. I plan on bringing crochet 
hooks for people to use.

Brocade: A Different Approach
Mistress Hanna von Dahl
dmcovel79 at yahoo.com

Have you wanted to try brocade weaving? Have you tried brocade weaving, 
but hated it?

This class teaches a method I call Two Pack Brocade, which is a 
different method than typically found in books or taught in the SCA. 
Many find it faster and easier.

Students will begin working on a simple period brocade pattern and will 
learn how to make their own patterns.

*Materials to Bring:* Warped loom – 11 cards, all threads the same color 
– crochet cotton size 10 or 20 recommended for first brocade; Shuttle 
with weft thread; Empty shuttle for brocade thread; Pen or pencil for notes.

*Materials I will Provide:* Handout; Brocade thread; Graph paper; scissors.

A few pre-warped practice looms will be available, but students will 
need to share if they do not bring their own loom.

Class Limit: 10 active weavers, observes welcome

Class Time: 2 hours

Cost: $3.00

*Warning:* this is NOT a beginning level class. Students should know how 
to card weave before trying to brocade.


The Current List:

Sewing 101 Anne Harper of Eland 1 hour

Brocade: A Different Approach Hanna von Dahl 2 hours

Beginner Naal-binding Coelwyn Brockholm 1 hour

Basic Fingerloop Braids Elizabeta Maria dei Medici 1 hour

Opus Anglicanum Melisenda de Fray 3 hours

Rectangular Construction for Tunics, Shirts and Undergarments
Alexandria Doyle 1 hour

Fitting a Corset Alexandria Doyle 1 hour

Peaspods and Butterfly Wings, Detached Buttonhole Stitch Alexandria
Doyle 1 hour

Making the Tools for Bobbin Lacemaking on a Budget
Alexandria Doyle 1 hour

Spinning on a Spindle Joanna the Spinner 1 hour 10 students $5.00

Medieval Red Dye Willoc mac Muiredaig 2 hours 12 students $2.00

Spin-in, Weave-in and Fiber Swap (at least one hour)

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