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Dale, Richard N DaleRN at aetna.com
Wed May 27 08:31:51 PDT 2009

Warlord was a grand success and this would not be possible without the
help of a great many people.

First I would to thank Vivianna and Sir Morgan for the help with the
organization of the shed and making load out and load in so easy.
Without your organizational skills this would have been a much more
difficult task.

I would also like to thank everyone who came to the locker for load out
and load in, without your participation it would have taken hours to get
everything loaded out and back into the storage locker.

For Damon and Meghan, all I can say is that your are both simply and I
could not have pulled off this event without you.

Thank you Marguerite for running gate smoothly and efficiently, it was a
huge relief to have someone of your ability to run gate. You helped to
reduce my stress.

Katya, congrats on your Sable Talon, and thank you for all your help
with the treasurer aspect of this event, and your running back and forth
from gate to the archery field provided service to the event that can
not be measured.

Alasdair, thank you for the idea about moving gate and the solution for
when it rained, I think the entire event and barony benefited from your
advice on this subject.

I also wish to thank Sir Lasguard and Lynette(congrats on you Sable
Talon) for all the work you did in preparing the Archery field and
coordinating all the archery activities. Your help was invaluable to the
success of the event.

Jaque and Ironwym, thank you for the running and sponsoring of the
tournaments you held, these tournaments continue to bring diversity and
participation from a wide spectrum of people who do not fight rapier or

A special thank you to Geoffrey for your hard work loading and unloading
and your efforts on the Warlord tourney.

Thank you Giovanni for your heralding at the event and your help with
set up.

Thank you to Mistress Rhiannon, Steppes Artisan, for running the A&S
Competition, and to Toryn for the wonderful belly dance classes that
enriched the lives of all who participated and watched.

Mistress Serena thank you for your abilities in running the Warlord

Thank you Allianora for stepping and taking over Hall decoration, and
for the manning the hospitaler point and coordinating the Hafla along
with Leyla, which only the weather itself could dampen this joint
effort. And for helping me with other issues during the event.

Thank you Gabrielle for your efforts as autocrat in training and
Merchant and Hall coordinator, you helped make the event a success.

Duncan thank you for the Website and getting the word out about Warlord
through the website.

Thank you Elec for the wonderful job on the Nobles luncheon, not having
to worry about this part of the event was a huge relief to me.

Thank you Christiana and to your husband for graciously taking over and
running the children's activities on Saturday. You provided an
invaluable service to the parents during this event. I would be happy to
work with you again.

To my keepers Caelin and Pyro, your volunteering before,during and after
the event and keeping my watered and fed and made sure I did not drive
myself to dehydration and hunger. 

An extra special thank you to the Steppes Seneschal who actually
listened to my crazy ideas before and during the event.

Thank you your majesties for gracing our event with your august presence
and being flexible with your schedule.

Most especially an thank you to her Excellency for allowing me the honor
of being the Steward for an event that has become a part on Ansteorran

There are many other people not specifically mentioned here that helped
with Marshalling, waterbearing, heralding, setting up and tearing down,
and loading and unloading from the storage locker and all those other
things during the event that are unseen by many, but are crucial to the
success of the event. I humbly thank you!

A special thank you to all the illuminators and caligraphers that worked
so hard on the beautiful scrolls given to our champions.

To all the persons that donated to the prize baskets, I humbly thank

To all the persons who worked gate, I would also thank you.

A special thank you to the German couple( you know who you are) that
helped to make the event special for me, and to a new Ansteorran who
will be moving from NorthShield, Octavius, you have got to here his
first event story.

A very tired Master Richard Fairbourne

No longer Steward of Steppes Warlord.

Nolen Dale
Process Improvement Consultant
Southwest Region

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