[Ansteorra] Laurels Prize Tourney competition - Greek Goddesses

Robert G. Ferrell rgferrell at gmail.com
Thu Aug 5 18:52:32 PDT 2010

>> In honor of Bjornsborg's fall event, Judgement of Paris, I would like
>> to sponsor a competition at LPT that is essentially "Best Depiction or
>> Use of a Greek Goddess and/or her symbols and attributes, particularly
>> Athena, Aphrodite and Hera."
>> The entry I deem best will win largesse from me.
>> Sincerely,
>> Mistress Radegund of Tours
>> (Athena at Judgement of Paris, Bjornsborg, Oct 16)

To complement that, there will be copious word fame in the tavern for
"Best Dionysus Personification."


Master Cynric of Bedwyn
Proprietor, Great Horns Tavern

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