[Ansteorra] Pennsic Travel Advisory

John Yates valstarr_hawkwind at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 4 20:58:59 PDT 2010

Please pardon the probable typos, I;'m ion a hotel computer with my glasses lost 
somewhere in my truck :)

About 50 miles west of St.Louis on I-44 is a construction area, where traffic at 
times was stop-and-stop as I came through today. I never saw a good reason for 
jhow slow it was, but it was undeniably creeping. 

I estimate there was about 18 miles total of slower traffic, and perhaps seven 
of that featured extremely slow stop-and-start to 15 miles per hour intermitten 

It apparently only took me 45-50minutes to navigate that area, but it seemed 
long and very frustrating.

II'm, between Terre Heaute and Indianapolis onight..I had worked a lot ove niht 
and packing, and staying up for over 600 miles of driving was probably more than 
I should have :)

Safe travels!



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