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Probably this slowed you down

GRAY SUMMIT, Mo. – Two buses carrying high school band students to an amusement park Thursday slammed into a freeway wreck that happened right in front of them, crushing a pickup truck and killing its driver and one of the students. Dozens of other students were treated for injuries.

The wreck near Gray Summit, about 40 miles west of St. Louis, happened when the pickup truck rear-ended a semi cab that had slowed down because it was nearing a construction zone, state police said. The first bus, which was carrying female band members from John F. Hodge High in St. James, slammed into the back of the pickup, then was launched on top of it after it was rear-ended by the second bus, State Highway Patrol Cpl. Jeff Wilson said.

Safe travels,

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> Please pardon the probable typos,
> I;'m ion a hotel computer with my glasses lost 
> somewhere in my truck :)
> About 50 miles west of St.Louis on I-44 is a construction
> area, where traffic at 
> times was stop-and-stop as I came through today. I never
> saw a good reason for 
> jhow slow it was, but it was undeniably creeping. 
> I estimate there was about 18 miles total of slower
> traffic, and perhaps seven 
> of that featured extremely slow stop-and-start to 15 miles
> per hour intermitten 
> travel.
> It apparently only took me 45-50minutes to navigate that
> area, but it seemed 
> long and very frustrating.
> II'm, between Terre Heaute and Indianapolis onight..I had
> worked a lot ove niht 
> and packing, and staying up for over 600 miles of driving
> was probably more than 
> I should have :)
> Safe travels!
> Val
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