[Ansteorra] volunteer programmer needed

Chiara Francesca chiara.francesca at gmail.com
Fri Aug 13 10:59:48 PDT 2010

Have you already asked other Kingdoms if they are willing to share their code for this type of submission form with you? 

Reinventing the wheel is not a specialty that one should take up. :)

Chiara Francesca
(said in my best southern drawl) You want a silver lining to that sad cloud, come sit by me. :)

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> I'd like to make available an electronic submission form for
> achievements, but lack the programming skills to write one.  I
> shouldn't think it'd be a particularly difficult or time-consuming
> project for a person with the requisite abilities.  If you're willing
> to help out, please drop me a line at the address below.
> If you have questions about supported languages, preferred types of
> windsock, whether the bread would need to be butter-side-up or butter-
> side-down, etc., it's probably best to direct them to Sigillarius
> Pursuivant, whose address you'll find at <http://herald.ansteorra.org/
> contacts.php>.   It's quite likely I wouldn't understand them (as you
> might deduce from my clever use of programmers' jargon).  And,
> anyway, he's the one who'll have to make the thing go once it's done.
> Coblaith Muimnech
> Sable Crane Pursuivant
> <mailto:Coblaith at sbcglobal.net>
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