[Ansteorra] OT - do you know where your BS Mug is? (Broken Spit Tavern at the Gothic War)

Daria Riley daria at brokenspit.com
Fri Aug 13 13:40:20 PDT 2010

Were you one of the lucky to buy a Broken Spit Mug or Tankard last year?

Did you enjoy the tavern at Gothic, Three Queens, Emerald Joust, or BAM last


Well good news! We are back for a 2nd season of coffee and bread throwing
(ask Mistress Mel about the bread)


We will be serving Breakfast & Lunch (till the food is gone) Saturday

Sunday we will be serving Scones and drinks (till we are done cleaning up)


Menu for the Gothic War is as follows:


Served in a bread bowl:


Breakfast Bowl ~ $5

Scrambled eggs with bacon or sausage over hacked potato's smothered in
pepper gravy


Viking Bowl ~ $6

Chunks of beef and pork in a savory beef sauce


Saxon Stew Bowl - $5

Lightly smoked chicken in a savory chicken sauce


Tuscan Chicken Salad - $5

Served cold, Roasted Chicken dressed in an Fresh Herb & Olive Oil Dressing
over crisp lettuce leaves


Tuscan Pasta Salad - $5

Pasta Tossed with Garden Vegetables in an Fresh Herb & Olive Oil Dressing
over crisp lettuce leaves


Fresh Baked Scones and/or Pound Cakes

Blueberry Scone, White Chocolate Raspberry Scone, Apple Cinnamon Scone

Butter or Lemon Pound Cake


Your Choice of:

Coffee -Decaf-Hot Cocoa-Lemon Tea-Chai Spice Tea-English Breakfast Tea


$1.50 ~ Styrofoam Cup

$1.00 ~ in your cup (per 8 oz)


$3.00 ~ Broken Spit Mug

$0.75 ~ Broken Spit Mug Refills (any event we attend)


$6.00 ~ Broken Spit Tankard

$1.50 ~ Broken Spit Tankard Refills (any event we attend


Water, Soda, and Juice also available ~ $1


Broken Spit Tavern



****NOTE - the propritors of the Broken Spit do not discriminate. We happily
serve Humans and Zombies.No conversions are premitted inside the tavern**** 


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